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News in Review September 2015

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Welcome to a brand new season of News in Review as we dive into the dramatic events that have unfolded since last spring.

The massive tsunami of refugees into Europe this past year has overwhelmed many countries. Some countries responded by closing their borders, but Germany said it would take whoever wanted to come. Now the country is reeling under the sheer numbers. Nahlah Ayed takes us to Hamburg where she discovers what it's like for the asylum seekers and meets those who are helping the newcomers resettle.
2. Global Warming: Canada's Melting Glaciers
(Duration: 14:58)
The cause of climate change has long been debated by scientists, but the melting of the planet’s glaciers is an example that the heat is causing serious change. News In Review joins Chris Brown on a breathtaking journey into British Columbia where he witnesses first-hand the disappearing giants. Then meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe explains some of the effects of long term global warming.
3. Niqab Debate: A Canadian Election Firestorm
(Duration: 16:27) NIR-15-12C
In 2011 Stephen Harper's Conservative government banned the wearing of the niqab during citizenship ceremonies because, they said, it was a symbol of oppression. One women, Zunera Ishaq, challenged the ban. This battle became a hotbed issue during the 2015 federal election. In the end the courts affirmed Ishaq's right to wear the niqab. Did it cost the Conservatives their re-election?
4. Voter Malaise: Is Politics Broken?
(Duration: 16:30) NIR-15-12D
Despite a higher than expected turnout for the recent federal election, many Canadians are not engaging in the political process. This is particularly true of the younger generation. CBC's chief political correspondent Keith Boag tries to find out if politics is broken — and if it is, who's at fault? The politicians or the voters?

Coming next month...
1. Paris Attacks: Terror in France
2. The Trump Card: Is Donald a Presidential Contender?
3. Mona Parsons: Canada's Nazi Resistance Fighter
4. al-Qaeda hostage: The Canadian Connection


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