Decorate the Library!

December started off with the first public Christmas activity held on December 1st in the Library Discovery Room.  Local organizations were invited to register for the event to decorate a small potted Christmas Tree and showcase their organization to the public.  Registration was slow to start with but picked up quickly and we soon ran out of places.  

The eight organizations arrived with decorations and volunteers in tow to brighten up our library.  The result was eight outstanding beautiful little trees for all our patrons and staff to enjoy.  

Grateful thanks to the hard work and creativity of The West Island Women’s Centre, The Friends of the Beaconsfield Library, Beaconsfield Garden Club, Beaconsfield Quilters Guild, Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters, Beaconsfield Artists Association, Beaconsfield Newcomers Club and Beaconsfield Lawn Bowling Club celebrating their 36th anniversary.

The live trees will be kept over winter and planted in the spring.  These photos show the works in progress and the finished results.  Come in and view the real thing, it will boost your holiday spirit!

We have many books to help you plan and enjoy the holidays, from cookbooks and decorating ideas to fiction to relax with on your time off (?).

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